About Randy's Brochure Service:

To introduce my service, I am the only statewide delivery in Arkansas and cover parts of 4 states. Other brochure deliveries come into the same area, but have nowhere near the coverage I have. I primarily deliver for tourist attractions, and regional areas providing maps and seasonal information.

I started with my own COSMIC CAVERN brochure back in 1973, and then by 1991, by the request of several other caves and attractions had about a dozen customers I delivered for in Northwest Arkansas and the Branson area. By 2006, I picked up around 40 businesses and now have 56 that are all local. I have nearly 600 stops and have another driver in Central Arkansas to help with coverage in that area.

My rates vary as to the distribution area that particular business wants coverage to, and charge either seasonally or yearly. In November, I send out contracts and offer 10% off for prepaying for the next year.

Contact me anytime for any questions. My policy is to treat everyone I deliver for as my own business and keep their brochures out throughout the entire year. I realize how important it is to have one’s own business visible for future customers.

Sincerely, Randy Langhover, owner